Short stories are more than stories that are short.

They are an obsession.

The short story demands that you absorb your reader’s attention, alter their state, and say goodbye, in less space than a novel requires to begin.

Meet an editor who secretly believes that novels are just unedited short stories.


Delve into short fiction with me!

Writing is a lonely business. Gain perspective, inspiration and skills by sharing your work.


 Work with me to prepare your short story, collection, or anthology for submission or publication. 


Learn to accurately self-evaluate your work, structure your revision process, and complete your rewrite.


Dig into the revision process and exchange feedback with a small group of fellow short story writers.

What authors are saying . . .

Lisa provided thoughtful, specific, and helpful critical feedback on my writing. She has the ability to see directly to the heart of the work and provide suggestions that invariably lead to making for a better story. Her feedback on my manuscript was insightful and efficient; I accepted all of her recommendations and believe I have much better book than I would have had without her input. Every author needs an editor, and every editor should be a Lisa!

Margie Taylor

“Aftermath” in Love and Loss, Harrow Road, Some of Skippy’s Blues