Editing and coaching services for short stories, collections, and anthologies.

Short stories are demanding.

You must capture your reader’s attention, reconfigure their ethos, and make your exit in less space than a novel requires to begin.

And sometimes you get stuck.

It can be hard to know what to leave out, what to leave to interpretation, and how to layer the remaining prose to meet your word count.

I can help.

Get started with free stuff.

Need to level up your skills, find inspiration, or get motivated to write? Join the Short Story Writers of the Earth!

We are a group of silly but noble short story writers unified in the pursuit of omitting needless words. To help keep our creativity flowing, I facilitate four weekly and monthly events. Join in to get the coveted submission starter pack and full access to the nerdom.

Short Story
Writers’ Group

Short Story

Short Story

Short Story

Join in. Get Presents. Nerd Out.

What sets you apart from other editors is the fact that you work on each story as if it were your own.

Get short story specific editing and coaching.

Let me help you prepare your short story, collection, or fiction anthology for submission, query, or self-publication.

Short Story Editing

Detailed feedback on your short story, from plot and character development to pruning the text to meet word count.

Short Story Coaching

One-on-one post-edit support, guided short story revision, and personalized advice for honing your short story craft.

Collection Editing

Complete support for curating, structuring, and editing your collection for submission, query or self-publication.

Anthology Editing

Services for assembling short fiction anthologies featuring multiple writers with diverse skill sets.

Not sure where to start?

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