About Lisa

I am a freelance editor who works specifically with short story manuscripts (1000-7500 words), short fiction collections, and anthologies. Oops, I mean I work with authors who write such things, to prepare their work for submission and publication.

Once you know me, this will be an endearing joke because you will find out that I prefer to make eye contact with words, rather than humans, and that most of my communication is as stilted as my original prose. Fortunately, I make up for these idiosyncrasies with my incisive critical analysis, unparalleled eye for detail, and passionate love of the short story form. And I promise you, we will never have a meeting that could have been an email.

My other interests are things conducive to the simultaneous contemplation of short stories: walking, birding, building Lego and having one-sided conversations with friends. I also spend a significant amount of time analyzing the literary value of Star Trek re-runs.

I am a member of the Editors Association of Canada. I hold a Certificate in Editing from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Arts in French literature from the University of British Columbia.