About Lisa

I am a freelance editor who works specifically with short story manuscripts (1000-10 000 words), other short fiction (<1000 words), collections, and anthologies. Oops, I mean I work with authors who write such things, to prepare their work for submission, query, and self-publication.

Once you know me, this will be an endearing joke because you will learn that I prefer to make eye contact with words, rather than humans, and that most of my communication is as stilted as my original prose. Fortunately, I make up for these idiosyncrasies with my incisive critical analysis, unparalleled eye for detail, and passionate love of the short story form. And I promise you, we will never have a meeting that could have been an email.

The Particulars

I work in all the regular genres (action, adventure, crime (and all its cousins), fantasy, historical fiction, humour, literary fiction, romance, sci-fi (hard, soft, cyberpunk, etc.), speculative fiction, 2SLGBTQIA+) in addition to the more short-story-specific genres like anecdote, fable, feghoot, fairy tale, slice-of-life, tall tale, etc. I’ve never worked on a western!

In terms of forms, I have experience with short stories, flash fiction, sudden fiction, postcard fiction, microfiction, nanofiction, drabbles, and dribbles. I’m always excited to see new forms in action. I do not work on novelettes, novellas, or novels.

The Human

I deeply enjoy things conducive to the simultaneous contemplation of short stories: communing with nature, birding, building Lego, knitting, and having one-sided conversations with friends. I also spend a significant amount of time analyzing the literary value of Star Trek re-runs.

My practice is inclusive of all brains and bodies. I am autistic and physically disabled, so I am comfortable inventing ways around self-care needs. I am a member of the Editors Association of Canada. I hold a Certificate in Editing from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Arts in French literature from the University of British Columbia.