Short Story Coaching

Short story specific coaching

I help you expand your writing and revision toolbox while learning about the short story form. If you need help deciding where to start, scroll down and I’ll guide you.


I’ll read your story, and we’ll tackle its biggest issues one by one while developing a revision toolbox for future stories.

Story Craft

Choose from a selection of craft related topics and we’ll deep dive into their implementation in the short story form.


Discounted coaching to help with post-edit feedback integration. Brainstorm ideas or work line-by-line, whatever you need.

Working through the editing process together I gained new insight into my character’s development which resulted in a much smoother final draft.


My hourly coaching rate is $100 CAD. I offer discounts for post-edit consults, group story craft coaching, and multi-session packages.

Coaching invoices are paid in full at the time of booking. I accept Canadian payments via Interac eTransfer and international payments via WISE Transfer.


Coaching slots book up three to five days in advance depending on the season. I have a waiting list for cancellations.


If you would like to schedule several sessions in a single week, wait times vary from one to two weeks.

Working with Lisa was a great experience. I did learn from her more than from most of my books on the craft of writing.

Need help deciding?

Pick your biggest problem and I’ll recommend a service.

I’m happy with my edit and the suggestions, but I’m stuck on how to integrate them.

No problem. I offer discounted post-edit coaching to work through implementing feedback together.

I learn best one-on-one. Can you look at my story and coach me through revising it?

It sounds like you’re looking for revision coaching. I’ll read your story and we’ll tackle the biggest issues one by one.

I want to learn more about short story writing in general but I don’t have a specific story to work on.

Not sure where to start?

Authors’ Stories

Before I started coaching sessions, my writing was good enough to be published, but not at the level I wanted to see. I decided to sign up with Lisa because I respect the caliber of her editing and her opinions on writing.  When we go over a concept, it sticks with me–right away I’m spotting it in my writing and integrating it into my drafts. And while I expected to progress, I didn’t anticipate how quickly others would notice improvement in my writing. Our weekly sessions make me excited to sit down and write.

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