Revision Coaching

Learn the art of short story revision.

I’ll read your story, and we’ll tackle its most significant issues one by one while developing a revision toolbox for future you.

Do you need a developmental edit?

Let’s say that in your developmental edit, I noted that your rising action is too short and lacks the tension-building required for an effective climax. You’ve tried to rework it, and it’s not coming together. In a post-edit consult, you can show me what you’ve tried, and we’ll come up with a solution or two together that supports your vision for the story.

This is also the ideal service for writers who favour the creative process but find integrating editing feedback overwhelming or entirely tedious. It is a perfect starting point if you’re tempted to abandon your draft at the first sign of a rewrite, you learn your craft best by example, or you want to vet your changes before you make them.

My approach.

Most writing coaches are writers who use their experience to mentor you through roadblocks they have overcome in their careers. As a short story editor with a personal coaching background, I offer a different service.

I will educate your inner critic. Using your current WIP, we will identify your strongest and weakest areas of short story composition. Then, we will use these patterns to help you more accurately self-evaluate your work, structure your revision process, and complete your rewrite.

What happens during a revision coaching session?

  1. Pre-reading. Before the session, you’ll send me your draft, the answers to my manuscript assessment questions and any questions you have. I’ll read the draft and prepare for the session.
  2. Get down to work. I will coach you through the most significant issues I see in your story, or we can work through your questions one by one. We’ll also discuss how each issue fits into your self-editing road map for future stories.
  3. Achieve time dilation. Depending on the complexity of the issues and the depth of our discussion, we can cover two to three questions per hour.
  4. A few minutes before the session is over, we’ll summarize what we’ve covered and go over next steps.

What do you get?

  1. One-on-one help. One hour of help with your story’s most significant issues in whatever form works best for you: brainstorming, Q&A, line-by-line feedback, analyzing literary examples, venting existential dread, revision process development, etc.
  2. Next steps and resources. An email summarizing what we covered, your next steps for integrating changes into your manuscript, and any resources we discussed.
  3. A copy of the session transcript and access to a session recording.

What does it cost?

My hourly coaching rate is $100. Fees include pre-reading of up to 3000 words. Longer stories are an additional $5 per 1,000 words.

Ready to get started?

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