Short Story Editing

Short story specific editing

Eight services covering every aspect of short story revision, from plot and character development to pruning the text to meet word count. Not sure where to start? Scroll down and I’ll guide you.

Short Story Critique

An encouraging but detailed diagnosis of the top three issues standing in the way of your story’s publication (and a few of its strengths for balance).

Word Countess

An assessment of what to leave out, what to leave to interpretation, and how to layer meaning in the remaining prose to meet your word count.

Developmental Editing

An assessment of how plot, character, POV, setting and world building work together to develop a cohesive narrative.

Structural Editing

An assessment of how form, genre, timeline and pacing coordinate to draw the reader into the story and keep them there.

Line Editing

An assessment of how narrative mode, logic, coherence, tone, mood, theme, and uniqueness of voice contribute to your story and style.

Copy Editing

An evaluation of your story for the sentence mechanics, grammar, spelling, usage, punctuation, continuity and accuracy of facts.


A assessment of the grammar, spelling, punctuation, typography, formatting, and print elements of your proof for correctness, accuracy, and consistency.

Complete Editing

Take your story from draft to ready-for-submission with all four edits successively scheduled to allow time for integrating feedback and questions.

What sets you apart from other editors is the fact that you work on each story as if it were your own.


The rates for my editing services are based on the individual story’s editorial needs and scope. Depending on the service, project length, and word count, my edits start at $100 CAD and range between $0.02 – $0.06 per word for longer stories.

Invoices are either paid in full at the start of the project or in two installments (one upon booking, one just before final deliverables), depending on the total sum. I accept Canadian payments via Interac eTransfer and international payments via WISE Transfer.


The average edit takes about four days to complete, but that time may be adjusted depending on the word count and scope of edits involved. If you are booking a complete edit, we will lay out the calendar ahead of time to make sure that you have your polished story well before your submission deadline.


I typically book edits two weeks out from an initial inquiry, depending on the season. If you know you will need an edit for a particular deadline, I recommend booking in advance.

Lisa’s ability to hear or read people’s stories and recognize all of the elements of storymaking blows me away.

Need help deciding?

Pick your biggest problem and I’ll recommend a service.

I want an editor to look at my plot, characters, POV, and world-building.

I recommend you begin with a developmental edit. It will make sure all the big picture story elements are in order before you move onto the finer details of style and grammar.

I want an editor to look at my story and tell me if it satisfies genre conventions and reader expectations.

Start with a structural edit. It will assess how form, genre, narrative structure, timeline and pacing work together to draw the reader into your story and keep them there.

I want an editor to help me reduce backstory and up the action in my story.

I like how my story plays out. I really just want an editor to help me with my grammar.

Perfect. Then I recommend you skip the other services and head straight to a copy edit. It will take care of your story’s continuity and accuracy and all the aspects of grammar—sentence mechanics, usage, spelling, and punctuation.

My story is ready to go. I just want an editor to make sure the proof is perfect before I self-publish.

It sounds like you want a proofread. It will take care of comparing the final copy with the proof and checking for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, irregularities in typography and formatting, and consistency of print elements, all while maintaining design specifications.

I want to submit to a contest. Can you take me through the whole editing process, step-by-step, before the deadline?

Yes. The complete editing package is designed to take your story from draft to ready-for-submission. It includes all four edits—developmental, structural, line, and copy—successively scheduled to allow time for integrating feedback and answers to your questions.

Not sure where to start?

Authors’ Stories

I had many doubts and concerns about my writing, but Lisa was very supportive and reassuring in the process. She was incredibly quick and thorough in her editing. I loved the detailed feedback and made all the recommended changes. I learnt so much in the process hand have more confidence as a result. I would highly recommend Lisa’s editing services.

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