Story Coaching

The writing process is a paradox. You write alone to create a thing that is nothing if it is not read by others. This sounds deliciously mysterious to the outsider, but you aren’t really alone, are you? No, you share the task with your inner critic, who is so. LOUD. But are they well-rounded?

Without some training, this inner voice is almost always disparaging. A skilled critic, on the other hand, is as productive and encouraging as they are exacting.

Hire a skilled critic

Most writing coaches are writers who have the experience to mentor you through many of the roadblocks that they have overcome in their own careers. As an editor with a personal coaching background, I offer a different service.

I will educate your critic. Using your portfolio (including the troublesome pieces in the back) we will identify your strongest and weakest areas of short story composition. Then, we will use these patterns to help you more accurately self-evaluate your work, structure your revision process, and complete your rewrite.

Gather a couple (or three, or four) of your stories and book a free, half-hour initial consult to get started. After that, single, hour-long sessions are $75 (includes 2500* words of pre-reading) and packages are available. Answers to specific questions about my coaching can be found on my FAQ page, or you can ask me directly through my contact page.

*longer works can be accommodated for an additional charge.