Short Story Club

Last Thursday of the Month

12 – 1 pm (PT)

on Google Meet

The Short Story Club is like a book club, but for short stories. Every month, we read a story and talk about it.

What happens at short story club?

  1. Early Monday morning you will receive the Short Story Dispatch containing the Google Meet invite for this month’s story club.
  2. On Thursday, we’ll open the room at 11:55 am for the requisite small talk.
  3. At precisely 12 pm, Lisa will read the synopsis of the story. (This gets everyone on the same page about the events of the story and allows those who didn’t have time to read to participate.)
  4. Then, we’ll talk about the story: what we liked or didn’t like, what we’re confused or curious about, and what worked or didn’t in the story.
  5. At 12:55 we’ll wrap up the session and make our way back to the non-fiction reality that is life.

The story club is all about stories that stick with you, scintillating conversation, and zero pretension. You don’t have to know anything about literature to join, but I warn you: Short Story Club is the gateway drug to short story writing. You’ll come for the short story but you’ll be so captivated by our infectious fascination with weird stuff (like story structure, POV, character arc, plotlines, and genre conventions) that you’ll start peering through your window blinds at your bickering neighbours trying to write down their dialogue.

Which stories will we be reading?

For the first few months, I will be introducing you to some of the classic stories that helped put short stories on the proverbial map. As we go on, we’ll find and choose stories together from a diversity of storytelling traditions and authors.

How have I lived so long without this! How do I join?

Click the link below to join the Short Story Writers of the Earth. We’ll send you some presents and the weekly short story dispatch with the Google Meet invite.