Short Story Writers’ Group

Live feedback on your short story.

The SSWG is a traditional writers’ workshop with a twist (see what I did there?). We are focused on providing each other with encouraging, honest, empathetic, incisive, and succinct feedback on short story manuscripts (and no, you story doesn’t have to end with a twist).

Dates: Every Tuesday
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm (PT)
Place: Google Meet

What happens at the writers’ group?

For the uninitiated, a writers’ group is where we take turns reading our works in progress and providing each other with feedback. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Early Monday morning you will receive the Short Story Dispatch containing the Google Meet invite for this week’s writers’ group.
  2. On Tuesday, we’ll open the room at 2:55 pm for awkward small talk while Lisa calculates the ratio of readers to reading time.
  3. At precisely 3 pm, the first reader will share their document on the screen or as a link, and everyone will listen and formulate their feedback.
  4. Once the reading is finished, each listener will share which elements of the story are working and which could be strengthened during the rewrite. (It sounds terrifying, but it is actually rather exhilarating!)
  5. Wash, rinse, repeat until everyone has had their turn.
  6. At 4:55 pm, refreshed and inspired for another week of writing, we’ll wrap up the session.

We are a silly and hard-working bunch, dedicated to strengthening our writing and giving each other a hand up. Newbies are welcome to drop in and read or just bask in the short story vibes.

OMG I need this. How do I join?

Click the link below to join the Short Story Writers of the Earth. We’ll send you the weekly short story dispatch with your Meet invites and Bob’s your uncle.

Short Story Writers’ Group FAQ

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