Editing Services

Do you edit novels?


Do you edit novelettes/novellas?

Yes, length depending.

Do you edit Flash Fiction/Micro Fiction/Drabble?


Do you know anything about/edit _______ genre?

Yes. And I enjoy editing them all. Though, rogue androids that are sympathetic to humans have a special place in my heart.

Short Story Writers’ Workshop

What is a writers’ workshop?

A virtual, facilitated critique group where you can share your short story and receive productive feedback.

How does it work?

Once everyone is accounted for, each person who wants to will have the chance to read their story to the group, request areas for feedback, and ask clarifying questions. When others are reading, you will critically evaluate their stories and observe their writing processes.

What kind of feedback can I expect?

When you present your story, you can specify areas of feedback or not. Critics are encouraged to stick to structural and stylistic feedback, as copyediting is too time-consuming for writers’ workshops.

What areas of feedback can I request?

You can specify any areas of feedback that would be helpful to you, but here are some common examples:

  • Did your attention wander at any point? Why?
  • Can you follow the movements in my action scene? Are they believable?
  • At which point did you feel compelled to continue listening to the story?
  • Which qualities make you empathize with my main character?
  • Can you identify why each of my characters is in the story?
  • Does the ending surprise? satisfy? make you think?
  • Which feeling are you left with at the end of the story?

What is expected of me?

After a writer reads their story aloud to the group, you will be asked to provide productive feedback. If this is your first time critiquing, don’t worry, I will be giving you everything you need to provide helpful feedback to your fellow writers.

What do I need to participate?

You will need:

  • a short story or short story excerpt
  • a reliable zoom connection on a device with a camera

Short Story Coaching

What is the format of a typical coaching session?

Before the session, I will have you send me the written text, a recording of you reading the text, and the answers to my manuscript assessment questions. Once I have these, I will read the story, identify the areas that could use strengthening, and put together the session curriculum.

At the beginning of our hour, we will have a brief check-in, then I will give you my initial impressions of your manuscript, and the areas I would like to cover. From there, we will work through the concepts and the skills you’ll need for your rewrite. There is plenty of time throughout the session for questions and clarifications. Then, at the end of the session, we will talk about your homework, say goodbye and I will end the meeting.

After the session, I will send you an email with the resources we discussed over the course of the hour, a reminder of your homework, and your invoice. You are always welcome to reply to my follow-up email with any questions that arise after the session.

Is there a word count limit on a single session?

Technically, no. I include 2500 words of pre-reading with the single session fee, though longer works can be accommodated for an additional charge. Or, you can pre-pay for multiple sessions and have me read the entire manuscript up front. For example, if you have a story that is 8000 words long, you can pre-pay for three sessions, I will read the entire story, then we will use the pre-payed sessions to explore the techniques you’d like to cover.

My pieces are really short. Can I submit them all for pre-reading in a single session?

Yes. Writers often submit multiple shorter pieces for their first session. Typically, I will read all of your pieces and identify several concepts or skills that will strengthen the entire portfolio. Then you can choose where you would like to start for the first session.


Which currency do you charge?

My prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

How do I pay?

If you have a Canadian bank account, I accept Interac e-transfer. For international payments, I accept WISE Transfer. I am unable to accept Venmo.