Short Story Write-In

Monday – Thursday

11 am – 1 pm (PT)

on Google Meet

To be a short story writer, you need to write. And sometimes, getting your butt in the seat and your pen to the paper is the hardest part. The short story write-in is the solution! Two hours of silent, supported, writing time surrounded by other writers with the same goal.

What happens at a write-in?

  1. Every Monday morning you will wake up to the Short Story Dispatch containing the Google Meet invite for this week’s write-ins.
  2. On the day of the write-in, we’ll open the room 5 minutes early for awkward small talk.
  3. At precisely 11 am, we’ll have a brief check-in then settle into silent writing time.
  4. At 12 pm we’ll have a short bio break, then get back to it.
  5. At 12:50 pm, we’ll wrap up the session with a brief check-out. You can either slip back to your regularly scheduled programming unnoticed or procrastinate for another ten minutes with everyone else.

You are invited to come and go at any time during the session and have your camera on or off. Writing related discussion is encouraged in the chat and I am available via DM for brief questions.

This sounds perfect for me. How do I join?

Click the link below to join the Short Story Writers of the Earth. We’ll send you some presents and the weekly short story dispatch with your Meet invites.