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We are a silly but noble community of writers dedicated to giving each other a hand up. When you join, you get the weekly Short Story Dispatch, access to member events, and PRESENTS!

The Short Story Dispatch

My weekly newsletter brimming with craft editorials, member event invites, writing prompts, submission calls, and a curated selection of short story news. It comes complete with early access to courses and the coveted yearly discount code.

Member Events

  • Short Story Writers’ Group. A traditional writers’ workshop with a twist. Learn more.
  • Short Story Write-ins. Two hours of silent, supported, focused writing time. Learn more.
  • Short Story Accounting. Accountability and account management. Learn more.
  • Short Story Club. Like a book club, but short. Learn more.


When you subscribe you get everything you need to send your work out into the wild.

  • A submission-ready story template.
  • A cover letter boilerplate
  • A submission tracker spreadsheet.

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